The pain I hide because of my pride – Poem

Sometimes it hurt so much inside,
But I cant show it because I have so much pride,
so people may never really know,
How it feels because it will never show,
But maybe one day it will have to be released,
Hopefully it will be tamed unlike a beast,
Because it will eventually take its toll,
And I will lose all of my control,
But I dont mean to devastate,
Like a earthquake with a magnitude of 9.8,
I’m still trying to fully grasp it,
But This pain will be forever lasting,
It only can hurt a little bit less over time like when you fall,
Because they say time will heal all, but I don’t know if that’s something I believe,
It feels like someone ripped out my heart and gave it a heave,
I still can’t believe,
That my mama had to leave,
I often find myself asking why,
Why take the mother of this lonely guy,
But things happen for the best,
And maybe this is just a test,
To prepare me for life,
And all of its strife,
I hope that I am passing,
Because this pain makes me feel like I’m crashing,
And it consumes me,
Then it tombs me,
Something like a fallen pharoh,
But I will again fly like an arrow,
Because I have to make my mama proud,
because she’s watching me from up above the clouds