Appreciate Your Day As It Goes

Be more positive!

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As we get our day started, let’s take the time to look around and appreciate the things we are blessed with. Many times we go throughout the day or week just accepting what seems to be a bombardment of negativity. Whether it’s a daily dose of a horrible boss, an argument with a loved one or something as severe as a passing of a beloved family member. Yes, life throws us curve balls and , yes, many can take all we have to deal with. But is there no way to be happy and positive in these situations?

In many cases when troubles arise, we view the glass as half empty.  Well, I say fill it back up. How? Step back and look at what blessing surround your trouble.  For example, “Dang! I have to work a 12 hour shift and I know my boss is going to be on…

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Life Assumptions We Shouldn’t Make: Part 2

Part 2 of the reality check!


And now we start part two… even better than the first!

8. Lovers don’t fight. Hard work and hard times, that’s love (no worries, there should be plenty of great times too). In life we must fight for the truth so if you have true love – fight!

9. Money is the root to all evil. Only me and other broke people say this, and I think we say it to make ourselves feel better about being broke. Lol. Think about this: our paper currency says, “In God We Trust”. Well there you have it – God is good – so money must be too. Duh!

10. Everyone we know, including us, will wake up tomorrow. Never take for granted those around you. None of us are promised tomorrow so hug often, smile like no one is watching, and don’t take things too seriously. Too many angry people in this…

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Life Assumptions We Shouldn’t Make: Part 1

Support my brother and get inspired at the same time!


1. One day life will be perfect, if and when. There will always be trials. No success will stop mother nature, horrible bosses, “haters”, or karma. We have to realize that even though we have decided to do better and do more with our life, others around us may not be on the same path yet, if ever.

2. In a relationship, the other person will put the amount of work in that I do. You may be ready to give your partner the sun, moon, and the stars while all they have to offer is star dust. In most cases, people love the way they know how. It’s time we realize we don’t all love the same way… and that’s ok. Blog about this topic alone in the future.

3. Parents should be perfect. Parents are actually humans. GASP! Flawed, wonderful, and limited; parents in a nut shell. They…

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